Jefferson Park Neighbors Keep Up Fight

On March 18, the city of Tucson's zoning administrator ruled in favor of the Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association's "Request for Determination and Complaint of Violation" regarding the Michael Goodman mini-dorm developments that took over Feldman's Historic Neighborhood two years ago, and began to extend into Jefferson Park last year.

The ruling agreed with neighbors that Goodman's developments do no comply with R-1 zoning land-use regulations—which means mini-dorms are not single family housing.

All along, residents in these neighborhoods have been wondering: How can a five-bedroom-suite development with private bathrooms for each bedroom equal single family zoning?

From that ruling: “It is further determined that the Goodman Development is in fact being operated as group dwellings and is therefore not a permitted use in the R-1 zone.”

Yesterday, the Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association sent out a press release that neighborhood resident Joan Hall, who lives next door to a Goodman mini-dorm development, filed an appeal on April 18 to the city of Tucson's Board of Adjustment, which determined that the aforementioned R-1 zoning ruling from March doesn't apply to Goodman properties being developed but "not yet in use."

From the press release (after the jump):