Tom Horne, Why Can't I Have My Novelty Booze?

If it wasn't enough that the powers that be decided we couldn't have our Four Loko, now Tom Horne and 17 other state attorney generals have petitioned Pabst to take Blast, the flavored version of Colt 45 off the market.

With an alcohol content of 12 percent in a 23.5-ounce container, and a recommendation to enjoy it cold, the stuff is like a "binge in a can," the AGs say. Shotgunning one of these babies could deliver nearly five times that of a normal serving of alcohol, according to the letter.

While other beers contain less alcohol, (especially if you're in that state just north of Arizona where a good portion of the population wears special undies,) some contain between 6 and 7 percent go-juice. While high-octane beer gets promoted in newspaper reviews, the flavored Blast by Colt 45 is treated like heroin by the AGs.

The campaign smells like nothing more than a grab for attention at the expense of Pabst, which has amped up its marketing in the past year.

You know what promotes binge drinking? Idiots who enjoy drinking lots of booze until they black out. You know what will happen if Blast gets knocked off the market? Binge drinkers will go back to drinking fifths of vodka straight from the bottle. Ridiculous.

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