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Local and Online

When I started as the Web producer here, and I was given this column to sound off with 250 words at a time, my goal was to cover as many local Internet-related happenings as possible. I planned to interview local bloggers, talk about interesting sites that popped up, etc.

After a few weeks of trying to find these sites and hitting dead ends—i.e., blogs where the most recent post was made in the previous decade, or efforts associated with the carcass of the Tucson Citizen—I essentially gave up on that beat, and decided to instead try to give national and international online media news some local context. If it was such hard work to find good local blogs (I even asked for tips, and no one e-mailed—not a single person), were local blogs even worth spotlighting?

Thankfully, it seems like hyper-local online efforts—covering one thing, in one community, and doing so in extensive and intelligent ways—are really out there now, with more and more starting to pop up.

I met Michael McKisson of TucsonVelo.com this week, and while I know basically nothing about bicycling, his site has the sort of focus on one topic where I know that what I read there is going to be informative, well-thought-out and useful.

Also of note is the Tucson Food Trucks Facebook page, which looks to cover the likely surge in mobile food here soon (a surge which is also being chronicled nicely by our own Adam Borowitz on The Range).

Please, if you have a passion for something in Tucson, get out there and cover it online. There's a lot of ground left.


"Where can I post my pleasure that this woman isn't retiring here?"

TucsonWeekly.com commenter "Benji1962" expresses the sentiment held by more than a few people regarding the return of our favorite retirement-locale waffler ("BREAKING: Sharon Lin Once Again Vows to Not Retire to Tucson, Blames Sheriff," The Range, April 14).


The Tucson Weekly's spring 2011 Club Crawl® took place on Saturday, April 16, and based on the fact that Congress Street seemed to fill up earlier this year, and there were bigger crowds from the start inside many of the venues, it seems like this incarnation of the twice-a-year music festival was bigger than ever.

The photographs featured in the music section can also be found online—along with even more Club Crawl® memories in visual (and Web-exclusive) form, including video at TucsonWeeklyTV.com of the Modeens at Sky Bar, and Kristen Chandler on the Bud Light Music Stage.

While there's certainly more stuff happening downtown all the time, it's a good thing for Tucson to walk down Congress Street and see people everywhere—including a number of people who don't seem to be in that area very often.


We followed the ongoing Jon Kyl follies in the wake of his spokesman's odd comment that Kyl's bullshit statement—made on the U.S. Senate floor—about Planned Parenthood "was not intended to be a factual statement," including a retraction that conceded that the comment "in retrospect, made no sense"; said goodbye to Derrick Williams; noted the latest developments in the idiotic Obama birth-certificate controversy; told you about the new student housing going in downtown; and followed A. the Intern's nascent mayoral campaign.

We kept an eye on the increasingly deranged session of the Arizona Legislature; let you know that the Tucson City Council voted to hike bus fares; shared some tax tips; let you know that Hey Dude, filmed in Tucson way back when, was finally going to be released on DVD; and pointed out that retired teacher and occasional Tucson Weekly commenter Sharon Lin had once again threatened to not retire in Tucson.

We encouraged you to check out Club Crawl®, the Pima County Fair, the Tucson Padres, downtown's Eat-a-Burger food truck, the Wings of Freedom Tour and a lot of new TV; warned you to avoid the new Atlas Shrugged movie; and suggested you consider adopting a dog at the Humane Society.