The Future of TUSD's Ethnic Studies?

David Safier at Blog for Arizona suspects the fix is in to turn Mexican-American Studies into an elective course:

Last week, TUSD school board president Mark Stegeman wrote an op ed in the Star recommending the Mexican American Studies courses be removed from the core curriculum and be turned into electives.

Now, I hear Superintendent John Pedicone is also pushing to change the program into a series of elective courses, and he's pretty sure he has the three votes on the Board to make it happen. In public, Pedicone is maintaining a neutral position on the core/elective issue, but statements he has made in less public circumstances make it sound like the fix is in.

Turning the Mexican American Studies courses into electives is a bad idea which will most likely gut the program or end it entirely. More on that in a later post. But right now, I have to ask, why?

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