Big Love Takes a Bow

[Note from TW Web Producer Dan Gibson: Reader Gregory Heathco sent in a eulogy for the HBO series Big Love, which ended on Sunday. Since The Range's regular TV columnist, Jordan Green, is on a not-really-at-all deserved vacation this week, Gregory provides a nice perspective on a show that ran for quite a while, but didn't grab the popular success of The Sopranos or Six Feet Under or the critical success of The Wire.]

Bill Hendrickson passed away on Sunday and with him an era of series drama that may never be equaled. That era was a twelve year stretch of story-telling excellence brought to us by the once peerless HBO. It began in 1999 with the ground breaking first episode of The Sopranos and ended with the heart wrenching finale of Big Love. My own appreciation of good television was born during this era, along with so many others, and I find myself grappling with the fear that my best viewing years are behind me.