Mayor's Race 2011: Walkup's Out, Asta's In

With Mayor Bob Walkup announcing he won't seek a fourth term this year, Republican Ron Asta told us he'd be running for the office.

The only other Republican now seeking the mayor's office is Shaun McClusky, who made his political debut with an unsuccessful campaign for the Ward 5 City Council seat in 2009. Democrat Jonathan Rothschild is also in the race.

Here's the announcement from Asta (and yes, he mentions the whole steak incident):

I have lived and worked in Tucson since 1964. I own a home in Tucson. My son was born, grew up and still lives in Tucson. I plan on living here the rest of my life—beginning with this announcement to be the next mayor of the city I have grown to love. But our city is in real need of new leadership.

I am the only candidate for mayor with proven leadership ability in an elected office—as the former chairman of the Pima County Board of Supervisors.

I am the only candidate with experience in urban planning. In fact, I have a Masters degree in Civil Engineering from the UA. And helped set the stage for the Sonoran Desert Conservation Plan.

I used to be a liberal Democrat whose base narrowed with extreme positions…the poster boy for anti-growth in Tucson…which means I am a candidate who admits to making mistakes…and seeing the error of his ways.

Now I’m a conservative Republican…and a businessman. I still care deeply about the environment. But I also want an environment in which our kids can find jobs. I believe Tucson will work again when Tucsonans are working again. So, with age, I’m a lot more committed when it comes to keeping and attracting businesses. And I’ve learned how to build