Missouri's Battle Over Puppy Mills

Only half joking, I'm a little afraid to post this, because I think the Arizona Legislature will move to try to pick up the leftover puppy mill business Missouri is leaving behind. The Week Magazine has an interesting round-up the balance between responsible dog breeders and those less concerned with animal welfare:

An estimated 30 percent of all puppies sold in America come from Missouri — a whopping 750,000 dogs each year — earning the Show Me State a new unwanted, unofficial title: The "Puppy Mill State." In November, Missouri voters narrowly passed the "Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act," heralded as a "huge paw print forward." This move to improve both the state's reputation and the "deplorable" conditions of some of its breeding facilities would bar breeders from housing more than 50 dogs and require that those animals receive sufficient food, water, space, vet care, and time off between breeding cycles. But now some state lawmakers want to overturn the new law, saying it would restrict a growth industry and do more harm than good.

[The Week]