Editor’s note

Walking on Sunshine

What is it about summer that makes it the best season for music? The outdoor concerts? The new releases? The fact that the kids who listen to the most music are loose from their schoolwork? I can't say I know the answers, but I know the album I'm most excited to hear this summer drops this week. Tucson's own Calexico is teaming up once again with Iron & Wine for Years To Burn, a lil' sonic adventure that allows both bands to merge their styles and try a few new tricks. You'll find the details in our summer music package, along with reflections on the best summer jams from some of your favorite Tucsonans and a remembrance of Randy Clamons, a local musician who passed away last week and who will be missed by his family and many friends.

Elsewhere in this week's issue: Staff writer Kathleen Kunz looks at abortion politics in Arizona; unpaid intern Ambur Wilkerson visits the recently reopened Jellywink sex shop off of Fourth Avenue; web editor Tirion Morris previews this weekend's celebration of our delicious Mexican food creations; arts writer Margaret Regan takes a tour of the Tucson Museum of Art's new show about travel; movie critic Bob Grimm provides a post-mortem on Jim Jarmusch's new zombie flick; and there's plenty more in the book to keep your eyeballs busy while you're listening to your own favorite summer jams.

Finally: The deadline to cast your ballot in our annual Best of Tucson competition is coming up! Voting ends at midnight on Sunday, June 16, so visit TucsonWeekly.com/BOT before the weekend ends to make your voice heard.

See you at your next summer concert!

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor

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