Take-Aways From the 1/20 UMC Press Conference

Dr. Rhee: Continuing with therapy, speech therapy, etc.

Dr. Lemole: Scrolling through an iPad, standing with help. Long road ahead, however.

Dr. Lemole: Did some minor procedures this week. "Housekeeping" so she can graduate from UMC.

Mark Kelly speaking now.

Kelly: We'll never understand what happened that Saturday.

Kelly: Emotionally, this has been a challenge for all of us. Showed me, the country and the entire world what Tucson is all about.

Kelly: Gabrielle would be proud of the support and the response of the city.

Kelly: One of the first things she'll want to do is write thank you notes.

Kelly: We looked at a lot of places to move to her to. The hospital in Houston is one of the best and the closest.

Kelly: Staff at TIRR are among the best at dealing with penetrating head injuries.

Kelly: Location will allow him to be as close as possible to her as much as possible. Opens the possibility for him to return to work at some point.

Kelly: Told UMC staff that they should expect Giffords to walk through the halls in a few months.

Kelly: Giffords has received nothing less than perfect care at UMC.

Kelly: Listing the nurses that worked with Giffords; thanking them for the care. Thanking Sheriff's Dept., TPD.

Kelly: Deeply thankful for all the support. Taking questions.

Kelly: Still in the planning stages of how they're moving Giffords tomorrow.

Kelly: Feels like Giffords has made attempts to speak, but also thinks she knows she's not able.

Kelly: Giffords will do things that only she would do to him (pat face, etc).

Kelly: Giffords can bear her own weight.

Kelly: Every time I interact with her, there's something that's quite inspiring.

And that ends the press conference.