Take-Aways From the 17th's UMC Press Conference

Director of Surgery is speaking now.

He's running through the process so far. Dr. Randy Grant is going to speak for Dr. Rhee today.

Two patients in good condition, Giffords in serious condition in ICU.

Dr. Lemole will discuss a procedure done on Giffords Saturday.

Surgery was done to repair of bi-lateral orbital fracture (roof of eye socket). Bone fractures pushing down on right eye.

Procedure was put off because of her dire initial condition. Procedure require crainotomy. Reconstructed eye socket. Within a few hours, she was waking up. Return to baseline of interaction.

Grant: Discussion trachiotomy and gastrionomy (sp?). Tubes are no longer on face. Tolerated procedures well.

Lemole: Suspect she is able to see somewhat, but extensive tests have not been done.

Grant: Tube in throat does not allow her to speak at this time. Could possibly mouth words.

Lemole: Higher cognitive levels are still there.

Lemole: Skull repair is many months down the road. Next step is to get her into rehabilitation.

Grant: Hard to say how long tube will be in throat. Decisions are made day by day.

Lemole: Next milestone is for Giffords to leave hospital for rehabilitation. Family is researching sites for that step. Could be matter of days to weeks.

Grant: Graduation of grades ("serious" from "critical") was based on pulse, ventilator, etc.

Grant: Giffords "occasionally" registers emotions, based on information from husband. No indication that she is trying to talk.

Grant: Other two victims are close to being discharged to rehab, could be within days.

Lemole: Looks like we're through the window as far as maximum brain swelling.

May not be another press conference until Giffords is transferred.