What the Center for Arizona Policy Is Doing Next

Cathi Herrod, president of Center for Arizona Policy—you know, the people who led the charge to make sure marriage in Arizona was only legal between a man and woman, and the people who send out regular e-mails called "5 Minutes for Families." In the latest she asks folks to pray for the victiims in last Saturday's shooting, but follows with some tips to "Help You Engage The Culture."

One of the ways you can "engage the culture," is by going to the Exodus International Equipping Leaders Event, in Phoenix on Jan. 21.

"Exodus is hosting an equipping conference for pastors and ministry leaders. This event is a prelude to their February 19 Love Won Out Conference. I hope you can make it to both events. Exodus is the country's most significant Christian ministry reaching out to those struggling with the homosexual lifestyle," she wrote.

If you really believe in prayer, take Herrod up on her advise and pray — pray for the souls of the members of the Center for Arizona Policy, for Exodus, and for others who believe in this crap—that they realize that if there is a god, he or she probably isn't too happy with Exodus, Herrod and her followers. Not happy at all.

From the Center for Arizona policy website, after the jump: