The Food Truck Diaries, Volume Four: A Humble Hot Dog Cart

Hotdogs Obregon offers oadside dining at its finest.
  • Hotdogs Obregon offers roadside dining at its finest.

Some of the finest Sonoran hot dogs in this town are served out of a humble cart in the parking lot of the Food City on the corner of Country Club Road and 22nd Street, and that’s not just my opinion. The tiny cart actually has sort of a cult following, and when rumors that it might close circulated last year, many people (including Tucson Weekly editor Jimmy Boegle, who rushed into my office with the news) were quite concerned.

The cart tied Janos Wilder’s J-BAR for the third runner-up spot in the Best
Sonoran Hot Dog
category of the 2009 Best of Tucson® awards, and that’s saying something. I can’t even count how many times I’ve been given directions to the cart serving “the best Sonoran dogs in town.” I passed six hot dog vendors on my trip to visit the above-mentioned cart today.

A hot dog sets you back $2.50, and that includes a perfectly roasted pepper and access to the small, yet ample, condiment bar. There isn’t any music or decorations, but who needs it? The dogs themselves are a symphony of bacon, mayonnaise, pico de gallo and all the other trappings of a proper Sonoran dog.

Stop by some time, and pull up a rickety chair under the tarped-off seating area. Add a little shredded cheese and some of the delicious green sauce out of the squeeze bottle. Now just kick back and enjoy your initiation into the cult of the hot dog cart on 22nd and Country Club. Things are delicious here.

Its mesmerizing watching this guy construct a Sonoran hot dog.
  • It's mesmerizing watching this guy construct a Sonoran hot dog.