Live From McKale: As the Crowd Leaves (Updated)

From Jim Nintzel:

Attendees exited to the sounds of the University of Arizona marching band playing "America the Beautiful" outside of McKale Center.

Tom Zoellner, friend of Gabrielle Giffords: “Obama was talking about a better way to be, regardless of politics. It’s important to get out of this antagonistic malaise and start being better citizens by treating each other better.”

State Rep. Steve Farley: “I am so proud that this is the face of Tucson, Arizona, that we are showing the world. It’s so different from the face we’ve been showing lately, and exactly who we are.”

State Rep. Steve Farley: “That wasn’t a memorial service. It was a hootin’, hollerin’, hoedown celebration of life.”

Chrystina Cook: “I thought it was inspiring, kind of what I needed to hear right now.”

Lois Eisenstein: “I think the president said exactly the right thing. This community is about togetherness and working for the future.”

Anna Owens: “I thought it was wonderful. Everyone was compassionate and uplifting, especially the president.”

From Hank Stephenson:

Teia Streeter, 24, lives in Congressional District 8 and was leaving the event with her mother, Mary Harris, and daughter, Trinity.

“It’s not so much a close, but maybe a new beginning to everything. Just kinda be like, 'This happened, but we’re going to move on. It’s going to be ok.'”

Did you cry?

“Oh, yeah, specially the way (President Obama) was using Christina Taylor (Green) as an example of inspiration and to aspire to what this country needs to be.”