Take-Aways From UMC's Press Conference

Only two patients remain in the ICU, the remaining patients are in the regular wards.

Dr. Rhee: We can't undo the events that have occurred. The amount of care that has come forth is commendable.

Rhee: Eight patients in the hospital, one in critical, five in serious, one in good. Additional surgeries to come.

Rhee: We have psychiatrists and counselors in house and we are focusing on that spectrum of care.

Lemole: At this point in Giffords' recovery, no change is good, and there is no change. No swelling right now.

Lemole: Giffords is still following simple commands...like wiggling toes, showing a specific finger.

Lemole: Not seeing a change in CAT scans, which is good sign. No need to put monitor in for swelling right now.

Lemole: Same steps are being taken today as previous days. CAT scans are being done on a daily basis.

Lemole: There is no way to measure psychological function for Giffords at this time, too premature. More attention paid on that front to care providers.

Rhee: Other patients have had operations on abdomen, vascular issues, extremity injuries as well, orthopedic injuries, torso type injuries. Confident they will all survive.

Rhee: One in ICU is in critical (Giffords), the other is in serious condition.

Lemole: It is hard to observe whether Giffords is "recognizing" people due to breathing apparatus.

Next press conference Wednesday at 10 am. If there is change in status of any of the patients, there will be a press conference tomorrow.

Not much as far as specifics today, but the main news is that there isn't any news. According to the doctors, that's what they're looking for at this point.