Police Dispatch



DEC. 6, 12:38 A.M.

A woman cited no impairment—except for an endocrine disorder—after displaying paranoid behavior, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

A man said he had been smoking outside of his apartment when a neighbor walked past him, grabbed a garden hose and, for no apparent reason, yelled at him, "Get back in your fucking house!" She then reportedly said, "Quit fucking stalking me, you stalker."

The man said she was still yelling when he bent over to put out his cigarette, and she allegedly threw a rock at him. He said he and his girlfriend used to be friends with the subject, but she lately had been acting strangely, yelling that they were following her.

When the reporting deputy interviewed the subject (who insisted on remaining behind her locked security door), she said her neighbor and his girlfriend often followed her and were convicts. She said they'd already spent time in prison for stalking her and had broken into her car eight times, planted video cameras throughout her residence, and often blocked her door when she came home. She admitted she had thrown a rock at the man that day, but only because he'd spit at her.

When asked if she had any history of serious mental illness, she said no, and that she only had a hypoactive thyroid. When encouraged to get a professional mental evaluation, she abruptly shut the door and locked her deadbolt.

After the deputy left, the man again called dispatch and said the subject had started screaming at him anew.

Deputies didn't arrest her, because she wouldn't open her door.



DEC. 7, 5:14 A.M.

A suicidal man became more depressed than ever after inviting law enforcement into his life, a PCSD report stated.

A man called dispatch and reported that his girlfriend had left him, and his kitchen knives were "looking pretty good."

When deputies arrived at his apartment, the caller (wearing only boxer shorts) invited them in and sat on the couch, saying he no longer wanted to hurt himself; instead, he just wanted to talk to deputies. He firmly rejected any idea of going to a hospital.

Immediately upon entering the man's residence, deputies identified a marijuana pipe and grinder on the coffee table.

While they were arresting him for possessing drug paraphernalia, he said, "I want to go to the hospital now!" When told that it was too late and that he had to go to jail instead, he said, "This makes me want to shoot myself in the head."