2011: The Year Hell Finally Froze

It's cold in the desert right now, but I didn't realize the change in weather came from the Internal Revenue Service.

This year the IRS provided us with a tax day extension. According to this Reuters piece, you can forget about those last-minute post office lines on April 15, and wait in line on April 18:

The Internal Revenue Service kicked off the U.S. tax filing season, announcing on Tuesday that taxpayers will have until April 18, 2011, to file their 2010 returns and pay their tax bills because of a holiday on April 15.

The agency also said that it would not be ready to process returns carrying itemized deductions until mid- to late February, because it has to reprogram its processing systems following the passage of a big tax bill at the end of 2010.

April 15 is Emancipation Day, a holiday observed in the District of Columbia. Taxpayers who file extensions will have until October 17, 2011, to file their 2010 tax returns.