Election 2011: Strolling Toward City Hall

So who wants to be mayor of this crazy burg, anyway?

As Republican Bob Walkup wraps up his third term, it appears as if next to nobody does.

Maybe Tucson’s titanic budget problems are discouraging ambitions. Maybe more people would be launching campaigns if voters had boosted the mayor’s pay up from a mere $42,000 a year. Or maybe they just want to keep their names out of this blog.

Whatever the reason, there’s a paucity of experienced pols who want to rule the city from the top floor of City Hall.

Then again: It’s not that different from 2007, when the Democrats, despite a decisive voter-registration advantage, failed to field a candidate against Walkup, allowing him to clobber Green Party nominee Dave Croteau.

Walkup has yet to say whether he’s going for another term. Much of the chattering class predicts the 74-year-old mayor is ready to retire, but we’ve heard whispers that he’s giving serious thought to another run.

Hizzoner has moved the annual State of the City spectacle from late January to Feb. 22. We suspect that’s when he’ll want to make his Big Reveal.

Democrat Jonathan Rothschild, a business attorney who recently surrendered his position as managing partner at Mesch Clark & Rothschild, has yet to formally announce his candidacy, but he had a swank fundraiser at Etherton Gallery a few weeks ago and his Web site features hundreds of supporters, including