Coming to Campbell Avenue: Just Add Water Café

An interesting new café that will eventually feature a 40-seat theater and a serene, swamp-cooled patio is opening soon at 3067 N. Campbell Ave.

The Just Add Water Café will sell beverages of all sorts—including affordable beer and wine, when the liquor license comes through—baked goods and the mixes to make those baked goods. A few soups, sandwiches, salmon plates, salads and other items will round out the offerings.

Alex Kollar—who recently opened the adjacent upscale resale shop Options — says the café is expected to open in mid-January. It will feature a living-room atmosphere in the front room with plump couches and designer chairs. Table and chair seating, a patio with an outdoor fireplace and swamp-cooling and more enclosed patio seating around the side fill out the rest of the space.

A refrigerated area will be stocked with produce from local gardeners. Kollar also has plans to make the café a pick-up point for customers interested in picking up their monthly community-supported agriculture shares there. Her neighbor is the retail store for Native Seeds/SEARCH, and she plans to sell baked goods and foods made from their ultra-local offerings.

The theater in the back of the café will seat about 40 and double as a community area she hopes will be put to use by nonprofit or other groups. Live music will also be featured (Lisa Otey is a personal friend and played at the resale shop’s grand opening), and a piano is already available for anyone who cares to play it.

Kollar started the Borderlands Trading Company and spent years traveling in Mexico before heading off on adventures in real estate and other pursuits. What she has done with the spaces both at the shop and in the café is quite beautiful. There’s a $12,000 couch in the bridal wear area. A lovely fountain bubbles in the courtyard. Everything is orderly, yet comfortable.

We can’t wait to try the food when they open next month.