Police Dispatch



NOV. 10, 5:51 P.M.

A young man got into a big argument with his mother when she wouldn’t give him money for drugs, according to a Pima County Sheriff’s Department report.

Deputies were summoned to the residence of a woman who claimed her adult son had violated an order of protection by coming to her property. He’d approached her and asked for money for marijuana, she said, because he couldn’t afford to buy any for himself. When she refused to give him the money, he allegedly became irate and began spewing profanities.

She showed deputies the order of protection she had against her son for previous damage he’d done to her house when he was angry. However, he hadn’t damaged anything this time, she said.

A deputy found the son in his mother’s backyard and arrested him for violating the order.



NOV. 22, 11:30 A.M.

A former University of Arizona student displayed spoiled-child behavior even upon becoming homeless, according to a UA Police Department report.

UA staff members reported finding bedding, food items and papers in an empty office in the Marvel building, 1213 E. South Campus Drive. Students said they had seen a certain peer sleeping in chemistry labs over the summer, while he was attending classes and doing work there; it was determined that this individual still possessed keys to the chemistry building (which is connected to the Marvel building).

A UA officer made contact with the former student by phone and arranged to meet him in the empty office. He admitted he had been sleeping there for three weeks, because he lacked a job and a residence.

Asked to gather the belongings he’d strewn around, he began to do so with extreme slowness and then stopped to play music on his cell phone, very slowly continuing the task only after being reprimanded. He initially refused to gather the bedding in the office, saying he “didn’t want it”; then, he denied that the food wrappers present were his—even though they matched the food in his backpack (Ritz crackers and Pop Tarts), and they could presumably belong to no one else. He also claimed to no longer possess keys to the chemistry building—perhaps planning on using the keys to return—but he eventually gave them up.

Finally, after being forced to gather his belongings and leave, he stopped in the hallway to use his phone, refusing to move, because he couldn’t get reception outside.

He was eventually escorted out of the building and cited for criminaltrespassing.