Writer's Block: D.R. Wise

Oro Valley author D.R. Wise's book The Dreamzappers has been awarded its second national award in 2010.

Earlier this year, The Dreamzappers was named the best gift book by the National Indie Excellence Awards. Now, USA Book News named it a finalist in the same category in its 2010 Best Books Awards competition.

Book Summary (from publisher):

Via lyrical verse, young Amy travels to meet the Great Sage and to ask him why it is so difficult to achieve one's dreams. The Sage, in his wisdom, explains the general obstacles - dreamzappers - and how to overcome them. Illustrated in whimsical pen and ink drawings by the author, The Dreamzappers is a complex message that is delivered in a delightful simplicity. This is the first in a series of other D. R. Wise books, all with positive messages, that will be released twice a year. The ultimate goal of the books is to create beautiful pieces that stir positive feelings which make the books a pleasure to keep and a joy to give to others. A portion of the books' proceeds will go to organizations that benefit mankind or the environment.

About the author (from publisher):

D. R. Wise's background has been in the field of art and (award-winning) advertising where she has gained many skills in inspiring and moving an audience to action. Presently she is a speaker at nationally acclaimed Canyon Ranch Resort & Spa. Her talk this year is entitled "Zapping Life's Obstacles - Turning Change into Opportunity". Wise has channeled her knowledge and passion for writing - along with her art experience - into books designed to motivate adults to revisit their dreams and achieve their goals.