Picks of the Dragon: Breaking Down My NFL Playoff Picks

click to enlarge The Dragon himself, Tyler Vondrak - KELLY RASHKA
Kelly Rashka
The Dragon himself, Tyler Vondrak
This Sunday was a gambit of emotions and despite ending up on the losing side I think 50 bucks was worth the price of admission. Things couldn’t have been looking better to start Sunday off with our under never being threatened in the Saints/Rams game. Then late in the 4th quarter at the 15 yard line the Saints looked sure to lock up the win. At that point the canary in the coal mine no call happened and the Saints ended up losing. Things did not get much better from there.

Split the first game one and one but I was still feeling good about the Chiefs/Patriots game. That was until about five minutes in when the Patriots defense completely owned Mahomes and the Chiefs offense. Our -3 bet was looking bad but our under bet looked to be the right call and my feelings remained that way all the way into the 4th quarter. The under 55.5 was all but locked up. The game needed an additional 38 points in 15 minutes to go over, something that both teams had not been able to do the entirety of the other three quarters. And that was when all hell broke lose.

Scoring back and forth in the last 10 minutes and our number still seemed to look good. Then the impossible happened! Chiefs drive the field and go up by four with the total still going under. With only two minutes left to play we are on the right side of both bets. Any other quarterback beside Tom Brady would be in a tough spot. Unfortunately I bet against a cyborg of a man. Brady drives down scores the touchdown, points go over, Chiefs back in a losing spot, and we all know how the rest of the game panned out.

So two tough weekends has us at 48 dollars left in the bank and a record of 5-6-1 after a solid start. We’ve got over 500 prop bets predicted for this Super Bowl weekend and I’ll be doing a deep dive on my favorites next week. Still plenty of cash left to get us back on top before the season ends so stay tuned!