'Will They Listen?'

Shaun McClusky, chair of no on Prop 400 campaign, took some time to help emcee the Republican fiesta here at the Doubletree to talk about the tax proposition.

"I think the voters have spoken," he told The Range. The vote against Prop 400, "says the voters don't trust the city manager, and they don't trust the City Council."

McClusky says the council now needs to look at cuts, but "any if city council or (if City Manager) Mike Letcher goes after one firefighter or one police officer, if any of them go for re-election, I think they will not win." If Letcher asks for police or firefighter cuts after the election, McClusky says he will ask Letcher to quit right away—"tomorrow."

McClusky says there are cuts that have been identified by Steve Kozachik and others. One option he suggested is to look at SunTran, the city-funded transportation system that goes from SaddleBrooke to Sahuarita.

"Cut waste, but do not cut police and firefighters," McClusky says.

McClusky recommends voters wake up tomorrow and make one phone call to 791-4204 to "let the city know you won't stand for cuts to police and fire."

The phone number is Mike Letcher's line.