Giffords Speaks at the Marriott, Glassman Concedes (We Think)

Gabrielle Giffords and Rodney Glassman have taken the stage at the Marriott tonight: Giffords to remark on the tone of the campaign and to thank her staffers, and Glassman to mention his conversation with McCain and talk about what's next for him (diapers and reserve duty).

The feel of this night was evident in the response to the two speeches: Giffords had the crowd's full attention, punctuatingt her speech with bursts of applause, while Glassman was overrun by the collective conversation for most of his remarks. It came to the point that someone had to loudly ask for quiet while Glassman gave his half-concession. Both candidates talked about how proud they were of their campaign, but Glassman's campaign seems to have been erased from the collective memory even before the night really began.