'Rent Needed'

As we were looking around for somewhere to station our computers to blog live at the Republican election night party at the DoubleTree, we came across a man stationed in the back corner of the grand ballroom, we hoped maybe we could sit down at the table behind him. He was sitting in a chair next to a black sandwich board that read "rental assistance accepted here. Acts 2:45 and following."

He handed me a print out of a verse from the bible— Acts 2:45 which reads "And the believers were all in one place and they had everything in common, and those who had wealth and property sold it and gave to those who had need..."

Under that he wrote, "I need help getting my rent paid today so I can continue to try and find work and pay child support and be a part of this community. Will you help? Checks can be made to my landlord.

I asked him if he had received any assistance with his rent.

"These people don't care," said Steve Hughes. "I came down here thinking that if these people are serious they will take charge, but in the last twenty minutes I have been sitting here, they have spent more money on drinks at the bar then my rent."

Steve Hughes, who turned his back on the Mayor and Council at last Tuesday's city council meeting at the TCC where Tucsonans and city council said 'no' to a risky hotel project, now sits inside the Doubletree grand ballroom as people all over Pima county have joined together anticipating the results and awaiting reactions of this years election. At the meeting Oct. 26, Hughes stood up and addressed the audience as he said, "You people haven't earned my respect. I'm not here to talk to you I came here to talk to the good people of Tucson."

"They are ignoring me," Hughes said of the party-goers. "These people will pay for their campaigns, but not support the people."

Hughes continued by saying how he is here tonight because he loves his country, but he hates the government. He does not expect that anyone will make checks out to his landlord but said that "leaving would be quitting, and I am not a quitter."

This is just one of many cast of characters here tonight at the DoubleTree election night party.