Police Dispatch

The Breathalyzer Talks

North La Canada Drive

Nov. 4, 9:15 p.m.

A woman pulled over for questionable driving seemed to have answers for everything—telling cops she had reasons for her driving mistakes, plus tons of good explanations for why she might fail sobriety tests—but in the end her blood-alcohol level spoke for itself, an Oro Valley Police Department report said.

Stopped on the northside, she told officers she'd been swerving because she was talking on the phone, and was speeding because she was hurrying home to a sick daughter. Asked to exit her car for field sobriety tests, she kept talking about her back problems, poor vision, vertigo, problems with balance—topping it all off with allergies and a cold.

She unsurprisingly didn't do well on the tests, and agreed to a breath test, which showed her blood-alcohol level as almost twice the legal limit.

She was cited and released to her father for drunk driving.