Police Dispatch

Testicle Tomfoolery

North Highland Ave.

Nov. 27, 1:28 p.m.

A trouble-making University of Arizona student was caught rubbing his bare genitals on his resident advisor's door—and plotting worse antics, according to a UA Police Department report.

The victim met with two UA officers at the Graham-Greenlee Residence Hall, where he served as an RA. He said a couple weeks ago he wrote up a male resident for alcohol violations and his unclean room. Since the write-ups, the young man had been particularly problematic.

Two nights prior, the RA said he'd been in his room on the phone with the community director about something unrelated when he heard a commotion in the hallway. When he opened his door. He said, he "discovered (the subject) exposing his genitals and rubbing his testicles" on outside of the door. He said the young man immediately turned away and started adjusting his clothing to cover up his genitals.

The resident wasn't done yet. The RA said the night prior, another dorm resident informed him the subject was planning to play a rather serious trick on the RA—"setting him up ... to grab (the subject's) penis." The reporting resident had told the RA he'd been talking with the subject and secretly videotaped him with his phone while he was describing his prank, saying he was somehow going to make it seem like the RA had grabbed his genitals and would then start "screaming to grab the attention of witnesses."

When the cops interviewed genital-obsessed incendiary, he said he felt he was being singled out and "harassed" by the RA. He denied having made any statements about "setting up" the other young man—until informed there was video evidence of him doing it, at which point he simply stopped talking. Finally the firebrand expressed a desire to move to a different room (where he wouldn't be under the supervision of this particular RA). It was agreed that he'd be moved; in the meantime, officers said, he was to have no contact with the RA. The testicle-rubbing rascal received no legal punishment, but the shenanigans were reported to the dean of students.