Sen. Allen Endorses Kotterman

This just in from campaign central for Penny Kotterman: Republican state Sen. Carolyn Allen of Scottsdale is endorsing the Democratic superintendent of public instruction candidate:

Now more than ever, during the difficult and challenging time Arizona now faces, a candidate has stepped forward with the skill set and on-the-ground experience teaching in classrooms in the Arizona public education system. That candidate is Penny Kotterman. Penny Kotterman is a natural choice for Arizona and I want to raise my voice in support for her campaign.

Penny chose teaching as a career and worked tirelessly to improve our public education system. Penny Kotterman and I have worked together on many education issues during my time in the legislature. We both believe education is the foundation upon which Arizona must stand to be competitive in this fast-moving new-technology world developing all across this country. Penny understands from her own personal experiences the need to stretch every possible public education dollar to enable Arizona’s children to compete for their future and ours. Senator Huppenthal, during his time in office, has repeatedly demonstrated his intention to distribute our scarce tax dollars to the religious school system. This office these candidates are running to fill is the Superintendent of Public Instruction. Remember that when you mark your ballot.