Congratulations Arizonans, You Have Great/Terrible Taste In Congresspeople

Other than perhaps a Wikipedia list of Arizona representatives in Congress, you don’t see Jeff Flake and Raul Grijalva on a lot of lists together, but they’ve both made Esquire magazine’s new list of the Best Members of Congress. Rep. Flake is described as “one of the steadiest and most articulate proponents of sane spending and restrained government” and commended for “having the guts to oppose the awful SB 1070 in favor of comprehensive federal immigration reform.”

Possibly surprising to Arizonans, Rep. Grijalva gets the nod partially for his (in)famous boycott call, with Esquire commenting: “Through it all—through the death threats and tumult and solemn vows from the moneyed interests to beat him—Grijalva remained steadfast and of good cheer, as the fools who currently run his state were revealed as such to the entire world.”

Before you start patting yourself on the back for your quality judgment with elected representatives, Arizona also has a senator on the “worst” side, Jon Kyl, who makes the list along with Rep. Joe Barton for his BP apologetics and Rep. David Vitter, who wins for his whoremongering and hypocrisy. Esquire makes its case against Kyl by first remarking on his overall intelligence, but then positing: “Because unlike many of the lesser lights who wander the Capitol grounds like so many mental patients off their meds, Jon Kyl should know better than to throw the full weight of his powerful (or so we thought) intellect behind the lunatic effort to repeal the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution just to score points with the lunatic Tea Partiers.”