Fascinating Feedback

The reviews of this year's Best of Tucson® issue are in! And the reviews are ... interesting.

Even the morning daily gave us some feedback. In the paper's Sunday, Sept. 26, Political Notebook column, the Arizona Daily Star said that the third-place finish of the Tucson Tea Party in the Best Local Activist/Advocacy Group category was a "sign of the apocalypse."

I am just glad that, yet again, Star reporters were able to use the Weekly as a tip sheet for their own "reporting."

Anyway, here's a sampling of some other feedback we received:

• Let's all join together and kick the ass of whatever machine doesn't fold the Weekly properly anymore.

Craig Thorness, via our Facebook page.

• Every time the Best Of comes out, I am reminded of how corrupt you are. Eat a dick.

Jennifer Cassellius, via our Facebook page.

• After reading through the BOT, I have to say: We live in one fine place.

—"Rachel W.," via TucsonWeekly.com.

• The people have spoken; power to the people!

—"Die Liberal scum," in response to the Best Radio Talk Show (Host) category, via TucsonWeekly.com.

• I love this issue! Just started looking at it.

—Mia Schnaible, via our Facebook page.

• Oh man, I'm gonna go blind ...

—"Northwest Bobby," in response to the Best Sex Toy Shop category, via TucsonWeekly.com.