Best Vegetable Margarita

The Horni Cucumber at Sir Veza's Taco Garage

Sexual innuendos aside, the Horni Cucumber at Sir Veza's is at once salty, spicy and delicately sweet. The tang of Sauza Hornitos tequila gently coats pieces of fresh cucumber; the dash of chile powder gives an extra pop to the salt rim; and it's all lightly sweetened with agave nectar. Sure, you could try any of Sir Veza's other delicious and creative margaritas, but the Horni Cucumber has the added nutritional value of a vegetable. And this ain't no 6-ounce sip in a glass with a stem shaped like a saguaro. At Sir Veza's, you get your margaritas in a pint glass, hombre, so there are probably one or two whole servings of vegetables. Take that, V8.