Best Signature Cocktail

The Scorpion at Kon Tiki Restaurant and Lounge

The drink is known as the Scorpion, and it has been keeping Kon Tiki customers happily inebriated for decades. Including various types of rum, gin, liqueurs and tropical-fruit juices, the Scorpion can be shared by a group in, well, a fishbowl, or it can be enjoyed by one fruity-drink-loving soul. If you believe your iron liver can crush the Scorpion, head over to Kon Tiki. You'll be in for a sweet but powerful treat.

Runners up:

2. TIE

The Knockout at Sullivan's Steak House

1875 E. River Road



Margarita at Fire + Spice

Sheraton Tucson Hotel and Suites

5151 E. Grant Road