Best Way to Satisfy Your Inner Geek

9 Queens

Maybe you were afraid to tell your kids about your inner geek—about how in junior high school, you played chess during lunch in the art room with that skinny kid named Roger (who had particularly nice hands and big brown eyes). One day, it all came back to you when you wandered into Bookmans, and your kids discovered a 9 Queens' chess workshop, which turns the bookstore into a desert chessapaloosa. 9 Queens is all about empowering youth and women through chess. That's cool, but they've also created a special program just for Tucson that's made us into a chess town—and as a result, 9 Queens has made it a pure joy to go crazy over chess with your kids. "Yes, children, we are geeks, and it is fabulous," you'll tell them over those knights, rooks and pawns.