Best Home Furnishings


Copenhagen opened its doors in Tucson in 1977—a year known for disco and platform shoes. While those fads have gone out of style, we're happy to say that Copenhagen is still going strong—with a recent expansion into more markets. Walk into their 60,000-square-foot showroom—more like a gallery—and feast your eyes on beautiful, functional furniture that would make a 1960s housewife swoon. Shop for quality furniture, and complement the décor with contemporary accessories. Comfort and style aren't limited to the home, however: Copenhagen also offers stylish and practical office furniture. But if you can't decide how to furnish your space, let the fine folks at Copenhagen help you with an in-home consultation.

Runners up:

2. Sam Levitz Furniture

3430 E. 36th St.


3750 W. Orange Grove Road


100 N. Pantano Road


3. Baker's Distinctive Home Furnishings

2303 E. Grant Road