Green Scheme Gets Even Weirder

This wacky GOP plot to put street people on the ballot as Green Party candidates is getting even weirder.

Now Steve May, the former Republican lawmaker who recruited the homeless candidates to run as write-in candidates, has dropped out of his race. And another Green Party candidate for the Corporation Commission may have dropped out. The Arizona Capitol Times reports:

What makes this case so unusual is the withdrawal and revocation of the withdrawal occurred almost simultaneously and with Pearcy sitting in jail, Benson said.

Benson said two people walked into the Secretary of State’s Office at 8:15 a.m. Sept. 13 to deliver Pearcy’s withdrawal paperwork.

As the staff was processing the paperwork, a signed affidavit arrived by fax two minutes later in which Pearcy stated: “I mistakenly withdrew my candidacy for the office Arizona Corporation Commissioner” under duress while incarcerated and without the “benefit of advice of counsel.”

Scottsdale police arrested Pearcy, 20, Sept. 8 and booked him on suspicion of disorderly conduct, a warrant from another jurisdiction and threatening and intimidating with injury or property damage, all misdemeanors, according to police records.

Read the whole thing here.

It all kind of sounds like Project White House, doesn't it?