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Stars Pick Their Top 5! This week: Donna the Buffalo

Donna the Buffalo
Donna the Buffalo

For nearly three decades, Donna the Buffalo has brought a special, spicy blend of southern folk rock to listeners across the world. They're a kind of cult hit, with a dedicated following known as "The Herd." But they're still a band that's serious about music in every facet and form: original songs and covers; genres ranging from bluegrass to pop to reggae to whatever zydeco is; instruments like the fiddle, organ, accordion, guitar, drums and the good ol' washboard. Ahead of their new album, Dance in the Street, coming out Nov. 9, we asked founding member and songwriter Jeb Puryear about the five albums that influenced his ramshackle sound and style.

See Donna the Buffalo at 191 Toole. 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 5. $20-$24. 21+.

Bob Marley

Babylon by Bus

Lived on day-old bagels and this record exclusively for a year or more. Still love the record, day-old bagels? Not so much.

Bob Dylan

Blood on the Tracks

A true eye to romance, beauty and grit, vibrant like a western movie. Where weird shit really goes down, and down...

The Beatles

Meet the Beatles

Started playing records at the age of 2, fine record for the younger set (of hands, feet, heart and ears). I wanted to hold her hand as well!

Roger Miller

Greatest Hits

And even the ungreatest hits, a true genius in every way.

George Jones and Tammy Wynette

Greatest Hits

Another nod to romance, temporary success and prolonged failure. Sung impeccably. It's the singing that lasts. It is hard not to mention Sly and the Family Stone, Stand, Ray Charles, Modern Sounds in Country and Western, but life is short, we want five and five we will have.