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The Record Company brings its high-energy rock and roll to 191 Toole

The Record Company
The Record Company

Chris Vos and two of his mates cut their debut album in a Los Angeles living room two years ago on a hope and a prayer.

Little did Vos and his bandmates Alex Stiff and Marc Cazorla realize that their record, Give it Back to You, would crack the U.S. Heat, Rock and Alt Rock charts, thanks to a series of toe-tapping, rock-infused tracks.

Fast-forward some 36 months, and the trio, known as The Record Company, is going strong, whizzing through the U.S. and Europe in support of their 2018 release, All of This Life.

That tour will take them through the Old Pueblo in early November, with the act taking the stage at downtown's 191 Toole on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

Vos is excited to return to Tucson, saying the band's previous stops in the southwestern city have been momentous for all involved.

"I think the crowd is a great; it's all walks of life; I think that's one of the things that really stands out," Vos said. "You'll see a 21-year-old kid standing next to a 65-year-old person. One person's got one perspective and one musical experience and the other person's got another perspective. We're not closing the door on anybody, everyone's welcome. So, it's just a great town."

Vos, who grew up in a small town in Wisconsin before migrating across the country to Los Angeles, says he's grown to appreciate the intricacies of touring.

He's thrilled to show off the act's newest tracks from coast-to-coast, bringing a high-energy swagger and wall of sound that's sure to fire up the crowd.

"You just worry about the day that you're playing, and you just try to play the best you can," Vos said. "You play your heart out as best you can that day, leave everything you can on the stage. Go to sleep, put yourself back together, and do it again."

The act's high-energy routine was honed over their first year of touring a half-decade ago, when they played 120 shows in 365 days.

That fast-paced foundation allowed the trio to hone their routine while gaining an appreciation for the intricacies and beauties of touring the country.

"We were playing on lawns, we were playing at food markets, we were playing on stages," Vos recalled. "Then we made our own record. We tried to play the best shows we could. Venues grew. We came to the second record, tried to expand our sound a little bit. Now we're out here doing these venues. It's pretty cool and it's something we certainly want to work hard to stay worthy of doing this."

The Record Company's latest album, like their debut, featured a song ("Life to Fix") that earned the top spot on the U.S. Adult Album Alternative charts.

Vos remembers the feeling he and his bandmates shared when their first single, "Off the Ground," cracked the top spot on the same chart in 2016.

"It was a shock. I remember somebody said to me, 'Hey I think that your song could chart,'" Vos recalled. "And I actually think my quote was, 'That doesn't happen to guys like us.' It was a shock. I was very happy that it did happen. And once it did happen, you go, 'That's wonderful, I'm grateful for that, now let's go play some shows.' Let's go and get this music out there as best we can and play as hard as we can and work as hard as we can."

Vos hopes to see a room full of stoked faces when the band takes to the cozy stage at 191 Toole, promising a night of impassioned rock music you won't soon forget.

"We play rock and roll and we care about the roll. The show is about fun and positivity," he said. "It's about coming together and having a good time, leaving your cares at the door. I promise we will come and bring all the energy we got and we invite everybody else to come and bring all the energy they want to bring with them."