More Brewer Craziness

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Forget about the shame from: "I have really did the very best anyone could do." Rachel Maddow pointed out last night that Gov. Jan Brewer pulled campaign advertising from the Phoenix CBS TV station because of a continuing investigation reporter Morgan Loew is doing Brewer's advisors, Paul Senseman and Chuck Coughlin, who also work as lobbyists for private prison company, Corrections Corporation of America, CCA. Loew is particularly interested in how these relate to her signing SB 1070.

Now the Brewer campaign tells us it has stopped advertising on KPHO because of its ongoing investigations into the governor. Coughlin told us that Ms. Brewer herself was personally involved in that decision. "Absolutely," he told us. "It's her campaign."

Reporter Morgan Loew tells us his bosses shield the editorial staff from advertising concerns, as they should. Governor Brewer's attack on journalism notwithstanding, his digging into the forces behind SB1070 seems bound to continue.