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There's a mystery afoot on the 11th Floor!

Last week, a Sheriff's Department detective was dispatched to the offices of the Pima County Board of Supervisors, high atop downtown's County Administration Building.

He was there to solve the case of the missing memo.

This mystery began to unfold when Pima County Sheriff Mark Napier sent a memo to all five Pima County supervisors via the Clerk of the Board to update them on issues surrounding immigration enforcement and the Operation Stonegarden grant.

But District 1 Supervisor Ally Miller didn't get her copy—and now she wants to know why. While Miller did not return a phone call from The Weekly, it appears she reached out to Napier when her staff told her the memo was nowhere to be found in her mail. While most public officials would have simply asked for another copy of the memo, Miller demanded an investigation into mail theft from her office.

And so last Wednesday, Oct. 24, staff members of the various supervisors were interviewed about whether they had anything to do with stealing Miller's mail.

This may seem overly paranoid to most readers, but you have to keep in mind that Miller is also the supervisor who is convinced that Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry has bugged her office and who called 911 on Skinny scribe Jim Nintzel because she was unhappy with a story that he wrote. And do we even have to bring up the FBI report she filed in relation to the whole Arizona Daily Herald affair? We'd explain that nutty episode again, but we've run out space. Huckelberry called the entire mail-theft investigation "kind of bizarre."

"I would not have wasted taxpayer dollars on this," said Huckelberry, who added that there are no security cameras on the 11th floor that might have recorded this dastardly crime.

No word yet on whether postal inspectors will be on the scene next.

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