GOP AG Race Unknown: Horne Has 454-Vote Lead Over Thomas

They're still counting votes in the GOP AG race between Tom Horne and Andrew Thomas. Jeremy Duda of the Arizona Capitol Times reports:

Tom Horne holds a razor-thin lead over Andrew Thomas in the Republican primary for attorney general, but with about 124,000 votes left to be counted, the final outcome may not be clear for several days.

With about 474,000 votes counted, Horne holds a 454-vote lead over Thomas. But with nearly 112,000 early ballots and 12,000 provisional ballots still uncounted, the race could still swing either way. Arizona’s 15 county recorder’s offices have until Tuesday to finish counting the ballots, said Secretary of State’s Office spokesman Matt Benson.

“I would expect that they’ll take the entirety of that time. I expect that they’ll be processing ballots Tuesday,” Benson said.

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