Editor's Note

It Was the Best of Times...

Welcome to the 32nd edition of the Best of Tucson®.

And thank you, readers, for all your love for this remarkable slice of civilization we've carved into the often inhospitable Sonoran Desert. More than 16,000 of you cast ballots to share your thoughts on our community's very best of just about everything. I am always astonished when I look over a new edition of Best of Tucson® and realize the depth of talent we have in this burg. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did. And if you're disappointed by some of the results—well, democracy isn't always pretty. Let that be a lesson to you about the importance of voting!

Speaking of the importance of voting: This week, we share our sage advice about the various propositions on next month's ballot. There are a bunch of them, and we know they can be confusing—sometimes maybe on purpose. So just follow our advice and all will work out fine. Or if you think we're a bunch of hippie commie snowflakes looking to further the radical lib agenda, do exactly the opposite of what we suggest. We'll leave that bit up to you.

We have plenty else going on in the book this week: Arts writer Margaret Regan catches up with one of Tucson's favorite authors (and onetime Tucson Weekly contributor), Barbara Kingsolver, ahead of her homecoming this week to talk about her new book, Unsheltered; Cannabis 520 columnist Nick Meyers looks at Attorney General Mark Brnovich's reefer madness; staff writer Christopher Boan tells you why you should spend Halloween with Dawes at the Rialto Theatre; Chow writer Mark Whittaker taps into eastside Tucson's BlackRock Brewers; movie critic Bob Grimm says the new Halloween is a cut above the previous sequels; and there's lots more, including our usual columns—City Week, Reel Indie, Quick Bites, Laughing Stock, XOXO and the rest—that guide you to the best of Tucson this week, and every week.

Best wishes!

— Jim Nintzel Executive Editor