'Tucson Weekly' Launches Happy Hour App

The Tucson Weekly, the alternative to bland daily journalism in the Sonoran Desert, has partnered with GoTime.com to launch a definitive Tucson Happy-Hour Guide—on the Web (happyhours.tucsonweekly.com), on mobile Web (hh.tucsonweekly.com) and as apps for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

“This Weekly happy-hours app may just change my life,” said Tucson Weekly editor Jimmy Boegle. “Now, when I want to find the nearest cheap booze, all I need to do is click on the app on my smart phone, and it’ll tell me where to go using GPS technology—so I can get my drink on as quickly as possible!”

The Tucson Happy-Hour Guide has up-to-date listings of happy-hour offerings from bars, clubs and restaurants across the Old Pueblo. As of now, some 150 happy hours are listed—with more being added on a constant basis.

More good news: The Tucson Happy-Hour Guide apps and sites don’t only work in Tucson; they also work in 50 other cities around the country. GoTime.com’s extensive database currently includes more than 25,000 happy hours across the United States.

The Tucson Happy-Hour Guide is completely free for both users and the listed bars and restaurants. Businesses that are not listed, or that want to make changes to their happy-hour information, can e-mail biz@gotime.com or contact the Tucson Weekly.

“We have amazing bars and restaurants in Tucson,” said Tucson Weekly advertising manager Jill A’Hearn. “This happy-hour guide does a fantastic job of showing off the great deals they’re offering.”