Vince Rabago Qualifies for Clean Elections

In this week's Tucson Weekly's endorsements, we went with Felecia Rotellini as the Democratic candidate to support for Attorney General. One reason: As of the print deadline, Democrat and former AG Vince Rabago hadn't qualified for Clean Elections funding, "which makes us worried that he doesn't have the organization to compete statewide," we said.

However, at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 27, Rabago's campaign sent us an e-mail letting us know that he had just filed more than 3,200 $5 donations to qualify for Clean Elections funds.

I was disappointed that this happened as we went to press, because I would have loved the Weekly to have endorsed Rabago. I know from professional experience that he is a highly ethical attorney and candidate. He grew up in Douglas and understands our region's challenges. I also think that Rabago is also the best qualified for the job, having worked for the AG's office and the cases he has taken to court prove he has stood up for the people of Arizona. When you talk with him, you immediately understand that he took that role pretty seriously.

While the Weekly endorsement of Rotellini stands, don't give up on Rabago. Here's the press release his campaign issued Tuesday:

Vince Rabago Files 3,200 $5 Donations to Qualify for Clean Elections Funding

As Arizona's Next Attorney General, Rabago Will Continue Career of Prosecuting Dangerous Criminals and Protecting Consumers

PHOENIX — Former Assistant Attorney General Vince Rabago filed more than 3,200 $5 donations today, from voters in every district across the state, to qualify for Clean Elections funds in his race for Arizona Attorney General. Rabago is seeking the Democratic nomination for Attorney General in the August 24th Primary.

"My opponents in the Democratic primary, Rotellini and Lujan, are two Capitol insiders who are much too close to the special interests and powerful lobbyists that have run Arizona into the ditch," stated Rabago. "We don't need a career politician as our next Attorney General, we need a proven prosecutor."

"As the only non-establishment candidate, I am the underdog in this primary. But today's filing assures I will have the resources to compete and win on Aug 24th."

"David Lujan, the other Clean candidate, is too immersed in old politics of careful calculation and poll-tested positions to win. He didn't have the guts to vote one way or the other on SB1070 when it came before the House, despite his supposed role as Democratic Leader," added Rabago. "As a leader, I would not only have voted No on 1070, because it is the wrong solution to a serious problem and will do nothing to secure our borders, I would have fulfilled my leadership obligations to do everything possible to either amend it or kill it before it ever reached the Governor's desk. As Attorney General, you don't get to take a walk on tough decisions."