Knowledge Is Power: Get Together July 29

According to a Border Action Network press release, community organizations are hosting a "peaceful, educational event" against SB 1070 Thursday, July 29, downtown at Presidio Park, 160 W. Alameda St., from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

In peaceful protest of SB1070's implementation on Thursday, July 29th, community organizations in Southern Arizona have organized a variety of events spanning the downtown area. At Presidio Park, the "Knowledge is Power" event is designed to provide a place for families to both express their concerns about 1070 while also learning how they can get involved in challenging the law after the 29th.

The event includes live music from Tucson artists, including Kevin Pakulis, Salvador Duran, Amo Chip and Pablo & Friends, a children's art project that will be delivered to Governor Brewer, moments of silence, and open mic segments for members of the community to speak about the concerns and frustrations with the new law. In addition, community leaders and business owners will give brief presentations throughout the day on the five strategies being used to fight SB1070 including legal action, civic participation, and community education.

"After the dust settles from events on the 29th, our communities need to continue to push for change in Arizona and an end to 1070," said Clarisa Flores, a Human Rights Promoter with Border Action. "Thursday's event will give families the tools they need to get their families and communities informed and involved to make that change."