More Trouble Brewing in Sonora?

Michel Marizco of the Border Reporter blog delivers a disturbing forecast of impending violence in Sonora, Mexico, for the Nogales International:

Law enforcement agencies from both sides of the border say a gun battle rivaling one that took place last week could be about to hit the mountain towns west of Nogales, Sonora.

On the U.S. side, some federal agents have expressed frustration with the Mexican and Sonoran governments, neither of whom has appeared to try and defuse the situation after the July 1 fight between organized crime gangs that left 21 people dead on a rural road outside the sleepy mountain town of Tubutama.

A convoy of some 25 vehicles was reported entering Nogales, Sonora late Wednesday night, and U.S. sources believe the fleet carried a group of reinforcements from the state of Sinaloa who are driving up to Tubutama to finish the fight that started last week.

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Marizco is delivering updates and more details at Border Reporter.