LD28: Downing Gives Up Clean Elections

Ted Downing, the former Democratic lawmaker who is running as a independent against Democratic Sen. Paula Aboud in midtown Tucson's Legislative District 28, has decided to forgo Clean Elections, saying it's stacked against him.

Downing, who lost to Aboud in a Democratic primary for the Senate seat in 2006, avoided the Democratic primary this year by running without party affiliation. He'll face Aboud and fellow independent Dave Ewoldt in November general. Downing says he decided to run as an independent to show his commitment to his new crusade against partisan elections.

Here's Downing's letter to the Clean Elections Commission:

I am running for the State Senate as a nonpartisan candidate, stressing the need for fundamental political reform to end to legislative gridlock, specifically downsizing the state legislature to a 45 member, nonpartisan unicameral.

I wish to point out how the Citizens Clean Election Law and subsequent rules contributes to the furtherance of partisan legislative gridlock by making it very difficult for nonpartisan candidates to participate on a level, financial playing field with partisan opponents.

As background, please recall that in 2000, I was