The Honey Pot and Other Delights

Lindy’s on Fourth (431 N. Fourth Ave.) is up to something new and unruly every time we stop in.

This time, it is the “Honey Pot,” the eatery’s burger of the month. It’s a burger patty stuffed in a bread bowl and covered with Doritos and cheese. We’re not sure if that makes it a soup, a sandwich or nachos, but the people who visit Lindy’s Facebook page seem downright thrilled about it.

Lindy’s has also added the option of ordering the O.M.F.G. challenge—which was catapulted to fame on Man V. Food—with grilled cheese sandwiches as buns, and onion rings between the patties, calling it “Two Finger Peek-a-Boo” style. It sounds daunting, but a petite woman who goes by the name Cardboard Shell ate the whole thing in less than the 20-minute time limit, according to her blog.