Magellan Strategies: McCain 52%, Hayworth 29%

Magellan Strategies polls the Arizona Senate race between Republicans John McCain and J.D. Hayworth. The news is not good for Hayworth:

Among likely Republican primary voters in Arizona, Senator John McCain leads former Congressman JD Hayworth by 23 points, 52% to 29%, 14% support “another candidate” and 5% are undecided. These numbers are based on a Magellan Strategies automated survey of 1,139 likely Republican primary voters on June 22nd. With two months to go before the August 24thprimary, it is clear that John McCain is in a strong position, especially among a vital voter subgroup, seniors. Voters that are 65 and older will constitute 45% of the overall Republican primary vote, and John McCain currently enjoys a 32 point lead over JD Hayworth, 55% to 23%. JD Hayworth’s strongest base of support is coming from male voters aged 18 to 54, but John McCain still leads among the voter subgroup, 41% to 38%.

2012 GOP Nomination Ballot Test
Among likely Republican primary voters, Mitt Romney leads Sarah Palin 29% to 18%, followed by Newt Gingrich with 16%, Mike Huckabee with 14%, Ron Paul with 5%, Tim Pawlenty with 3%, Rick Santorum with 2% and 14% of respondents are undecided.