City Council to Decide Pawn Tax Tuesday

Trading in a stack of Will Ferrell DVDs or pawning off the gold bracelet you got from ol' what's-his-name could cost you $3 if a pawn tax proposed by the Tucson Police Department is approved by the Tucson City Council at tomorrow's meeting.

Under current pawn law, such sales require that a slip is filled out at the time of the transaction, and the store must hold items for 20 days in an effort to catch stolen goods.

But, if the new pawn tax passes, TPD will charge $3 for each slip filled out, a measure which Bookmans Entertainment Exchange owner Bob Oldfather calls "incredibly, incredibly detrimental to businesses."

"All it's going to do is swamp the police department with more paperwork," Oldfather says. "They already can't keep track of all the pawn slips they already get, but because there's this demand for revenue, they're going to increase it."

If the pawn tax is approved by the City Council, most businesses will deduct the $3 tax from the total amount the seller receives, but because of the other options available to Bookmans' sellers—Craigslist, Amazon, Ebay and yard sales— Oldfather said he will have to find