Blow It Up for Love

A funny thing happened on the way to the colosseum ... it blew up.

Texas Stadium was imploded on Sunday. Going the way of so many other American structures deemed useless—casinos, department stores, housing projects and even the Yankees' old haunt—the former home of the Dallas Cowboys ("God's favorite team") is now rubble. An 11-year-old got the thrill of pushing the detonation button by winning an essay contest. I wondered what his prize essay was titled: "Why I Should get to Blow Up Some History, Too." Or maybe, "I was Born to Push Buttons."

Naturally, the truth is way zanier. Turns out the essay contest was sponsored by Kraft, and was part of their "Cheddar Explosion" campaign, whereby the Velveeta-making leviathan (according to its Web site) asked "dynamite" kids to recount something "explosive" they did in their community. Good thing they didn't hold this contest in Nogales! I imagine that after yesterday's destructive festivities, it rained macaroni and cheese over the greater Dallas area, and Texans inverted their umbrellas to catch the windfall.

Although the former stadium was pushing 40, it was still in use, playing host to