Police Dispatch

Urine Trouble

Foothills Area

June 5, 5:55 p.m.

A man who'd peed in front of a woman's kitchen window—letting her see (and photograph) "the entirety of his penis"—was arrested despite his insistence that there wasn't anything wrong with his actions, according to a Pima County Sheriff's Department report.

According to the dispatcher who took the call about the incident, "a suspicious male just urinated outside the reportee's kitchen window"—all the while "looking at her"—and had been dancing in the apartment complex's parking lot as the woman hung up.

A sheriff's deputy met with the woman and her male friend, who'd been in the apartment with her that day and had also allegedly seen the urinating man.

The woman said she'd been going about her business in her kitchen that afternoon when she'd glanced up to see a thin, 20-something male in a black hat and khaki shorts urinating directly outside her window. She and her friend both said they were "shocked and appalled" at having seen the "entirety of (the subject's) penis, although they could not see his testicles."

The subject must have taken quite a while to finish peeing, since after first spotting him, the woman had time to grab her cell phone and take numerous photos of him midstream, which she showed the reporting officer. For evidence, the officer took photos of these photos, which indeed included images of "the man's entire penis."

The deputy went outside and easily located a young man meeting the woman's description of the urinator, alone in the parking lot with "a moderate odor of intoxicants emanating from his person." Upon questioning, at first this man insisted he'd just been "passing through" the apartment complex, and "at no point had he peed."

But after the officer told the man he'd seen photos of him urinating and that the woman in her apartment had described him "to a 'T,'" he finally confessed to "pee(ing) in an open area," admitting he "realized there were plenty of windows and doors where someone could have seen him urinating," but stating he hadn't meant "to display his penis while he was peeing."

He went on to say he "did not understand why it was wrong for him to urinate in the open area" and "advised it was normal behavior for someone to urinate in an apartment complex."

Nevertheless, he was arrested for indecent exposure and booked into jail.